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Missing Brooklyn Teen with Autism Found Safe

May 19, 2014

(May 19, 2014) - A Brooklyn, N.Y. teen with autism who went missing on Friday was found in good health according to his family. Surveillance video captured Eliceo Cortez at a train station close by to his high school. Details about where he was found have yet to be released but Eliceo’s friends told NBC4 that he may have boarded a city bus instead of a school bus.

Eliceo’s mother, Nancy Reavis told CBS2 that she spoke with the Leon Goldstein High School about getting someone to make sure he gets home safely from school.

“I spoke to his counselor and they said ‘yes, we’re going to do something, we’re going to do something,’” she said, “This is what has to happen so they can help me?”

Eliceo’s family is thankful for his safe return. 

Autism Speaks has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to address autism wandering incidents. Visit this page to find out how to report an active case of wandering.  Find Autism Speaks resources to help prevent wandering here.