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Microsoft features the stories of their employees with autism

February 10, 2016

Most adults with autism aspire to be competitively employed in a job that they find both appealing and challenging; one that suitably matches their interests and abilities. However, we know that they are less likely than other disability groups to be employed or pursue postsecondary education. National data indicates that the vast majority of adults with autism are either unemployed or underemployed, with estimates ranging to as high as 90%. This should not be the case, and it won’t be for long.

Autism Speaks and many other organizations are working hard to educate the business community about people with autism and what they are truly capable of. Employers are often unaware of the common strengths shared by many people with autism, including intense attention to detail, commitment to quality and consistency, creative and "out of the box" thinking, excelling on repetitive tasks, lower turnover rates, honesty and loyalty. These qualities have been verified by business that have benefited from recent autism-specific hiring initiatives, including Microsoft.

Read more about Microsoft’s pilot program to hire people with autism here, and about a young man named Kyle Schwaneke who is one of the 11 new Microsoft employees with autism.

Check out new employment initiative at Autism Speaks by visiting and watch our videos to see how easy it is to join. Questions? Contact Autism Speaks Adult Services at

You've heard about one great story, if you are interested creating one for yourself, visit the Microsoft Inclusive Hiring for Disabilities career page to learn more.