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Miami Dolphins Help a Young Fan on the Spectrum

September 20, 2013

Dillon Brooks is an eight-year-old on the autism spectrum who loves the Miami Dolphins.  On Monday, Dillon will undergo brain surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor.

Dillon’s dad Drew, a detective in the Pembroke Pines Police Department, also works as part of the Dolphins’ road detail. Over the last decade, the Dolphins have gotten to know Dillon, and it turns out they love him back. 

“Drew’s been like a brother to me,” said Jeff Ireland, the Dolphins' general manager. “The Dolphins are involved because of the kind of people they are. You just want to help people like that.” Ireland and his wife are the parents of two children with autism and the two families are close.

When the Dolphins found out about Dillon’s cancer diagnosis, Jeff’s wife Rachel began to visit Dillon at the hospital.  Players like Mike Pouncey and Coach Joe Philbin have visited with him in the hospital and at home.

"I can't even express to you the outpouring of support from the whole organization," Drew Brooks told the Miami Herald. "Being there and doing the little things, offering support, no matter what it is -- I'm kind of a keep-things-to-myself kind of guy, but I can't even describe the support that they've given to me and my family."