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In Memoriam: David Crowe

March 10, 2014

All of us at Autism Speaks mourn the death of David Crowe, father of Taylor Crowe and founder of the Tailor Institute. In November of 2011, Taylor and David visited the Autism Speaks office in New York  to present one of Taylor's paintings, which hangs in our office today. 

Autism Speaks staffer Denise Bianchi recalls:

Some of you might remember the day that David Crowe and his son Taylor, who has autism, traveled by car all the way to from Missouri to our office in NYC to deliver the handmade beautiful picture that now rests in Lisa Goring’s office. If you were here, you might also recall that is was a tough November week, we had just attended the wake of our beloved colleague Monica who tragically died. We didn’t have the heart to tell David not to come, he had already set out on his journey to New York City. While we were all thinking of Monica, we felt a certain lift from their visit. Seeing that beautiful picture from Taylor, we were all humbled. I received an email this weekend that David passed away. It touched me because I thought of Taylor, knowing how lost he would be without his dad, Taylor’s ‘best friend’ as he described him. If you were there that day they came or if you just pass Lisa’s office and wonder where that beautiful picture came from, it was from a truly dedicated dad and a very talented young man. 

Learn more about David Crowe here

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations should be made to The Tailor Institute, and can be sent to:

The Tailor Institute
1 University Plaza, MS 9450
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Or online at