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Meet Lucky Day: Recycling Hero with Autism

July 31, 2014

(July 31, 2014) -- A 9-year-old boy with autism named Lucky Day has become a hero in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California. When Lucky was younger he really enjoyed watching youtube videos of garbage trucks. As he got older he turned this interest into a passion for picking up trash and recycling in his local community. In a typical week, Lucky and his father J.D can be seen around their neighborhood traveling as far as Los Angeles to pick up trash. One of his favorite places to clean the beach where he can reguarly be seen with his garbage bucket and toy grabber.

Lucky has dealt with many challenges in his life. Along with autism, he also has severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Lucky was also born 6 weeks premature and without a heartbeat. When the doctors were able to revive him his parents decided that the name 'Lucky' would be a perfect fit. 

Just over a week ago Lucky's was honored by the Huntington Beach City Council and Mayor Matthew Harper with an award for his recycling efforts. Rainbow Environmental Services, a local waste-management company even awarded him with a belt with the words "Lucky Day is a Huntington Beach Environmental Champion" engraved on the buckle.

In an interview with HB Independent Lucky's mom Trip said of his unique interest, "Normally, we get such a negative response that our kids pick up trash. It's trash, and people don't like trash. And if they see somebody picking up trash, they assume it's a trash digger. Some peope think we're making him do it, but he just fell in love with it."

Lucky doesn't plan to stop recycling in his community any time soon.