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Meet Chase, a young chef and cooking show host who has autism

September 21, 2015

This is Chase Bailey, a young man on the autism spectrum who has a passion for food and hosts his own cooking show on YouTube called "Chase 'N Yur Face." He has a signature move to introduce each episode, with a snap and a wink.

His culinary talent is all the more impressive because when he was younger, new foods, tastes and smells were overwhelming for him.

"I could only eat 5 foods – new foods really freaked me out! New tastes, smells, and textures were just too much for me to handle. But when I was around 8 years old, my grandfather and I used to watch TV after I got home from school, and one day we found the Cooking Channel and decided to check it out. I especially liked Eat Street, and I was OBSESSED!" he said.

He's a visual learner and hasn't let autism slow him down.

"To me, autism means that my brain just works differently to other peoples’ brains, so I learn and do things in different ways. I learn with my eyes – by watching things over and over again. After I watch things and think about them for a while, I feel comfortable trying them myself."

Watch him make a summer-y Italian pasta salad:

His goal is to own his own restaurants someday, and he's learning from some very talented chefs. He's even had guest chefs on his cooking show, including Gabbi Patrick of Gabbi's Mexican KitchenGreg Daniels of Haven Gastropub and chef Michael Rossi of The Ranch Restaurant and Saloon.

Chase will serve as a sous chef alongside Nick Shipp from the restaurant Upper West at the Autism Speaks to Los Angeles Celebrity Chef Gala.

"I’m also baking 600 of my Salted Blue Wave Cookies for the guests to enjoy. I know…that’s A LOT of cookies to bake, but it’s for a great cause and it’s so WORTH IT!" Chase said. 

Of course, his favorite part of each episode is the taste test!

You can watch Chase's cooking videos on his YouTube channel. Check out one of his latest cooking videos below:



Although the Los Angeles Chef Gala is sold out, you can still attend the Autism Speaks to Wall Street Celebrity Chef Gala! Find out more information about this exciting event here.