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Matt and Ed Asner Talk Autism and Employment on "Larry King Now"

May 15, 2015

Seven-time Emmy award winning actor Ed Asner, along with his son, Autism Speaks' So Cal Executive Director Matthew Asner, appeared on "Larry King Now," to discuss how autism has affected their family, employment for people with autism and Autism Works Now, whose sole mission is to employ individuals on the autism spectrum. 

Matt discussed why individuals with autism make model employees: their work ethic, their reliability and their loyalty.

"If you have a company, if you're involved in the hiring of people at companies, look at people who have autism," Matt said. "Bring them in, interview them, give them a chance. We need to change the paradigm in this country, because employers need to look at people with autism not as people with a disability. They need to look at them as people who are probably going to be good employees."

Autism Speaks and Rangam Consultants Inc. designed a jobs portal, called, to promote inclusive employment of the autism community by connecting employers, service providers and employees on the spectrum. Read more about the initiative here

Watch the video by clicking the image above or going here.