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Mary MacCracken, Writer, Teacher and Disability Advocate, Passes Away

August 14, 2014

(August 14, 2014) -- Mary MacCracken passed away due to complications of melanoma at the age of 88 on July 23 in Hanover, NH. MacCracken was known for her innovative approaches to teaching students with cognitive disabilities. She started her work in the special education field in the late 1960's as a once-a-week volunteer and later wrote several memoirs and books about her work that attracted the interest of several television producers.

In 1977, actress Jane Alexander starred as MacCracken in a television movie based on her 1974 book titled "A Circle of Children." A sequel was released one year later called "Lovey" based on her next book, "Lovey: A Very Special Child." 

Autism Speaks joins our entire community in mourning of the loss of this incredible woman. 

You can read more about MacCracken's life at The New York Times here