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Man Who Has Never Spoken Full Sentence has Pitch-Perfect Voice

July 28, 2014

Martin Finn has autism and he barely speaks but his voice is a thing to behold. Martin can string together a few words but has never spoken a full sentence according to his family. On stage, Martin's soulful voice soars. His family says that he not only mimics the singing style of artists he likes, but their stage presence as well.

He can also sing in French and Spanish – all with perfect pitch. Off stage however, the U.K. man requires round-the-clock care from his parents.

At 14, Martin’s family discovered his incredible talent when his teacher brought a karaoke machine to school.  Now Martin sings for weddings and events regularly. He even took part in the BBC 3’s “Autistic Superstars” program.  Watch his performance below.

Martin’s parents hope the music industry embraces him so he can record an album and raise funds for his care.  Read more from the Mirror.