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Man Skates Across The Country To Raise Awareness For Autism

February 06, 2013

Brian Patrick, a man from New York with Asperger Syndrome is skating across the United States.

He embarked on his journey after inspiration from his child last September to raise awareness about autism. 

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For more about Brian and his skating adventure, visit his fundraising page here!


On September 20, 2012 Brian Patrick set out to do something different, something incredible, something outrageous – skate across the country on in-line skates. It was his new hobby and exercise routine, but more than that, at 43-years-old, Brian has recently been diagnosed with autism, making it something he felt he needed to do. The original goal was to spread awareness about autism, talk with families, and give interviews. With excitement, he started telling a few friends. The reality set in when one of his closest friends told him to enjoy the first part of your journey because until you log at least 1000 miles, no one will care. Brian found out his friend was right. It wasn’t until he reached Tennessee that people started to take notice. Brian was now talking with families and no longer caring about the time, just the journey. In Dallas, he met with some parents who were amazed with what he was accomplishing since it gave them hope for what their children with autism might be able to do in the future. In Phoenix, he found time to rest up, gain back some weight, and get ready for the end in Long Beach. 

Right now he is resting up, and skating from California to Florida in something like 33 days to set a new world record!