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This Man with Autism Used LEGOs to Build a Business

February 13, 2015

Aaron, a young entrepreneur with autism from Edmonton, Canada is taking the LEGO business by storm. Thanks to the encouragement of his mother who introduced him to LEGOs at an early age has now just started his own business called “LEGO ART by Aaron.” Aaron now creates custom photo mosaics, letters, plates, business logos and much more for members of our community entirely made out of LEGOs.

Thanks to the business Aaron has been able to learn skills such as data entry, manufacturing and customer service. What once started off as a hobby now has become so much more for Aaron.

You can learn more about Aaron’s business here

Autism Speaks is excited to share this list of companies and organizations here committed to employing individuals with autism. Each of the businesses has high quality products created by young adults and adults with autism that are available for purchase so you can shop for gifts and treats while supporting a great cause! You can learn more about how you can support these businesses here.