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Man with Autism Fulfills Dream of Participating in a Game Show

December 17, 2014

Patrick King - Clip1 from Game Show Network on Vimeo.

On Tuesday, December 23 at 9pm ET/PT GSN will air its newest game show, “The Line,” where hundreds of people line up for an opportunity to win cash and prizes by answering a variety of trivia questions and participating in games in the line while waiting to enter The Trivia Vault.  One thing GSN did not realize when they created a game where anyone who showed up could participate, is that they were also helping 29 year-old Patrick King of Greenbrier, TN to fulfill his life-long dream: to be on a game show.

Although all the contestants featured on "The Line" had great reason to stand in Nashville's blistering heat for 12+ hours for a chance to answer eight trivia questions correctly and walk away with a hefty cash prize, Patrick, who falls on the autism spectrum, had little interest in winning a jackpot.  He told producers he’d been dreaming of this moment his entire life. 

“I have tried out for other game shows in the past and I didn’t make it,” explains Patrick. But his excitement was unbridled when he learned “The Line” would allow him his opportunity.  “I’m glad that everyone gets to participate.  It makes me ecstatic.” When he heard about the Nashville casting call for the show, he jumped at the rare opportunity. 

Patrick, who spends his days as a stay-at-home caretaker for his ailing father, got a ride to Nashville from his mother and arrived early, ready to go.  Armed with the knowledge gained from watching lots of game shows over the years, reading on the internet and playing video games, Patrick was ready for the challenge.

Patrick finally got his chance to be on the game show, and with over $10,000 to be won, he took his best shot.  Producers of the show will not say how he did, but just getting to be on the show was a win for the young man.  When asked what he would do with the money if he won, Patrick said he would send his parents on their first vacation in four years.

“Patrick has endured many challenges, through this autism world that he is in,” said his mother.  “He has managed to actually be more independent and do things for himself, and now he’s found something that he loves – the Game Show Network.  This has been his dream, to be on a game show, and if other autistic people see him and know they can do it and have the courage to do it, that’s just going to make him so much happier.”

Tune in to Game Show Network Tuesday, December 23 at 9pm ET/PT and watch as Patrick fulfills a lifelong dream and attempts to build on that dream by becoming a huge jackpot winner! Check your local listings.