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Luke Bryan Calls into Radio Show; Surprises 4-Year-Old Fan with Autism

August 23, 2014

(August 23, 2014) -- Riley, a 4-year-old boy with asperger syndrome who loves country singer Luke Bryan's music got the surprise of a lifetime when he was able to talk to him on the phone this week while at the studio of 107.7 WGNA Albany Country Radio. WGNA received a letter from Riley's mother Marjorie last week which WGNA forwarded to Luke to see if he could speak with Riley. Marjorie wrote...

“When Riley pretends to be Luke, he is a whole other person. He not afraid or shy. He has confidence and feels free. Every time Luke turned his hat around during the concert, so did Riley. On our way out of the show, Riley pulled me down and said ‘I didn’t know all the songs mommy. I need to learn all the songs.’ He just loves music. Sorry for such a long letter, but I just want Luke and all other artists to know that their music is a powerful thing and truly helps those with disabilities to express themselves and get through rough parts of their day.”

After writing the letter WGNA invited Marjorie and Riley to come to their studio in Albany, New York to talk about country music and autism on the air along with being surprised by getting to talk to Luke. Luke even sang Riley's favorite song "Play it Again" to him on the air. 

This isn't the first time Luke has supported the cause. This summer Luke served as grand marshal for The NASCAR FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks Race in Dover, Delaware. For Luke's #1 fan Riley this will be a moment he will never forget.