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Local Candy Store Provides Jobs for Individuals with Autism

June 23, 2014

(June 23, 2014) -- A family run candy store in Skokie, Illinois, called Mini Man Monkey Brains is hoping to make a difference in the lives of individuals with autism. The mission of Mini Man Monkey Brains is focused on providing a place for people with autism to be able to implement work expectations in a real retail setting. 

The candy store, which just opened in the first week of June, was created based on an idea by special education teacher Gloria Iverson, who met her husband Jim while working at a candy store in college. Gloria said of opening the store, "Through work partners and mentors, employees with disabilities will become integrated members of the community." Her hopes are that this candy store, which is a non-profit, will be able to benefit her local community along with teaching individuals with autism vocational skills.