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Kindness Act Leads Student with Autism to Meet his Favorite Celebrities

May 27, 2014



(May 27, 2014) -- Three high school seniors from Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia are receiving national attention for their random act of kindness. Jared, a freshman at Cosby High School who has autism, got to meet these three students after they heard that he was their #1 fan. Jared learned about the seniors watching them anchor the school's TV show called Titan News Network (TNN), which has become his favorite show. 

The seniors decided that they would surprise Jared at his class one day by meeting him, taking photos and giving him a signed TNN t-shirt.

Jared's mother, Tammy Burns said of Jared getting to meet the three boys, "He couldn't stop talking about it... to Jared, that was like meeting a famous movie star or sports star. It's just amazing for us and our family."