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Kind Stranger Buys New Bike for Boy with Autism

June 16, 2014

(June 16, 2014) -- Tyriq Gordon, a 14-year-old with autism from Vancouver, Canada, loves to ride his bike. Last Wednesday,he was riding his bike close to home when someone came up to him and stole his bike and helmet. Tyriq's mother Stephanie reached out to Global News in the hopes she could get some media coverage to help find her son's bike. Stephanie said, "I want that person to bring my son's bike back. Just bring it back. You took away his joy."

As soon as the story aired on the Global News show "News Hour," Global News received countless calls of support for the Gordon family. Dennis Wong, a resident of Vancouver who saw the story on television, went to a local bike shop and bought Tyriq a brand new bike. Dennis said of buying the bike, "I just came home and I saw the news story of what happened to him, and I just can't believe some people in this world. Anything to give him a little joy at the end of the day." 

Dennis delivered the bike to the Gordon family and thanks to his act of kindness Tyriq is riding around again.