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Kerry Magro's 'Defining Autism From The Heart’ Now Available on Amazon

July 08, 2013

Kerry Magro has experienced national acclaim as a disability advocate. Released today on Amazon, Kerry’s self-published book, Defining Autism From The Heart: From Nonverbal to National Speaker tells the story of his journey through his inspiring verses and essays.

The story in itself is remarkable for someone who was nonverbal until he was two and a half and was in daily sensory overload. He got kicked out of two preschools because the teachers said they couldn’t handle him. When he was diagnosed with autism at 4 as well as half-dozen other disorders, they could not have predicted what Kerry has been able to accomplish.

“When I was younger I wish I had role models to look up to who were on the spectrum. Now that I’m an adult I want to help pave the way for the future generations of kids on the spectrum and to let them know that they aren’t alone out there.” Kerry said.

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