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Katie Couric Hosts Twitter Chat on Autism

May 22, 2013

Katie Couric hosted a Twitter Chat about autism on Wednesday May 29 with experts in the field and parents.

On May 30th Liz Feld, Autism Speaks' President, and Lisa Goring, Vice President of Family Services, will appear on the Katie Show where she spotlights autism. Check your local listings.

You can see a recap of the chat by visiting and using the hashtag #KatieAutismChat!

Or visit and all of the relevant tweets will be aggregated into one place.

Participants in the the chat were Autism Speaks Associate Director, Public Health Research & Scientific Review, Michael Rosanoff, Denise Bianchi a parent from Autism Speaks with a 15-year-old child on the spectrum, and Lou Melgarejo a father of three. His 7-year-old daughter Bianca has autism. 

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