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Justin Timberlake Sings Happy Birthday to Boy with Autism

August 14, 2014

(August 14, 2014) - Marika Rosenthal Delan is a scientist/nurse and a mom, among other things according to her blog bio. For her son Julian's 8th Birthday, Marika and her husband took him to see the Justin Timberlake concert in San Jose, Calif.

According to Marika, Julian has a "deep connection to music" and is a huge fan of Justin Timberlake so the concert was the ideal gift, depsite concerns over how loud and crowded it would be. But what happened at the concert made it the best Birthday present Julian could have asked for. Watch the video above to witness Justin Timberlake and 25,000 fans sing Happy Birthday to Julian.

Read an excerpt of Marika's blog from The Manifest-Station below. Marika also has a persona blog called, Be Still and Still Moving: Kindling the Light Within

We were there early and I looked around wondering who would be sitting around us, so when this group of gorgeous looking girls came and sat next to us, I cringed. They were dressed to the nines. They looked amazing in that girls night out way reminiscent of my college days. I knew they came to get their JT on and I wanted everyone to have the good time they came to have.

My husband, on the other hand, hoisted our giant 8 year old as high as he could get him, not thinking he might disrupt anyone while I worried the people behind us wouldn’t be able to see. And all the while Julian in perfect autistic fashion was repeating himself over and over, knocking into the chairs and dancing and singing and yelling, "It's my birthday!! This is my present! This is my present! I LOVE YOU JT!!"

Now I have found that others don’t always find all the things you find beautiful about your child to be so beautiful but I think that’s where Leonard Bernstein comes in. Everyone around us saw it. Everyone felt it but none of us could name it.

And at the perfect quiet moment, the group in front of us started yelling to get Justin’s attention, because despite his loud volume, Julian’s voice was not carrying. Only repeating. And then before we knew what was happening, the group in front of us that had turned out to be so incredibly kind all night to our birthday boy, and these gorgeous girls who I was convinced would be totally annoyed by Julian, had captured Justin’s attention. And then it happened. Justin Timberlake was singing Happy Birthday. They all were.

The awesome grandmother of 3 sitting in front of us.

The model-esque girls sitting to our right.

The people sitting to our left that offered us the video that they captured of the whole thing.

They were all singing.

All 25,000 of them.

And I swear the light in his eyes when this world of people began to sing was so bright it must have been what got my eyes so unexpectedly teary, you know the way your eyes water when you look at the sun?  All my mama worries had been for naught. Everyone was embracing our boy in the way I was afraid they wouldn’t. Here we stood while thousands of people lifted him in song to celebrate the day he came into the world 8 years ago. That day that they lay his tiny warm wet body on my still heaving, labor-heavy chest. That day my life changed forever the way it does when a child touches you with their magic, they way they bring you to life with the special kind of music that only a newborn baby makes. The way it makes you want to show them the world and to be able let them hold it in their hands, even if just for one moment, the way we hold them in ours.