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Jan Linder-Koda?s "Sophisticated Lullabies" CD Benefits CAN

September 27, 2007

Jan Linder-Koda's latest release, “Sophisticated Lullabies”, is a collection of easy listening tunes for babies and young children. Designed with bedtime in mind, Jan's expressive voice weaves in and out of stories of family, childhood and spirit. “Sophisticated Lullabies” was released on Jan's own label imprint, Angel Diva Music, and proceeds will be donated to Cure Autism Now in honor of her son, Gregory.

Jan Linder-Koda is an award-winning singer/songwriter and has performed and composed music for some of the most influential artists in the entertainment industry including Narada Michael Walden, Lou Rawls, David Hasselhoff, The Temptations, Marla Sokoloff, Kurt Russell and Robert Guillaume.

Jennifer Washington, executive director at Acoustic Fuel, says, “This CD is definitely what children's music is missing. Jan's voice is soothing and relaxing at bedtime helping you and your child to drift off to a sweet sleep.”


You can learn more about Jan Linder-Koda, hear samples of the 9 tracks on “Sophisticated Lullabies” and purchase the CD at The CD can also be purchased at or CDBaby. Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to Cure Autism Now to fund autism research and treatments.