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Jamie Boll - Why I Walk

October 25, 2012

Jamie Boll wrote a post for his local TV station, WBTV, in Charlotte, N.C. entitled "Why I hope you'll walk for Autism Speaks," in which he explains why he walks: "I get asked all the time, "why do you volunteer for Autism Speaks?" and "Do you have a child with Autism?" The answer to both is no, but one in 54 boys will be diagnosed by age 8.

As a dad to four boys, I feel like I sort of beat the odds. Don't know why, just did. It is why I volunteer."

Read Boll's whole post here.

WBTV recently aired a news special "Autism: Answers and Understanding."  You can also make a donation to Boll's walk team by clicking here. You can create your own team and learn about the Carolinas Walk Now for Autism Speaks by clicking here