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Incredible Autism PSA Will Help You Experience Sensory Sensitivity

May 06, 2014


(May 6, 2014) -- Today Adweek highlighted an ad released by the UK's National Autistic Society in April for Autism Awareness Month. The spot was designed to give viewers a look into what sensory sensitivity can  feel like for an individual on the autism spectrum. The director of the ad, Steve Cope, had a personal connection with making the film; his brother works with individuals on the spectrum. 

The producer, Kit Dayaram, said of making the spot, "It was important that we made an ad that creatively represented how many people feel, but not an ad that said this is exactly what it's like to have sensory sensitivity." 

Last week, Autism Speaks partnered with BBDO New York to release a 60-second ad called "A Lifetime of Difference" designed to help raise awareness of autism and encourage parents to look for early signs.. You can learn more about the early signs of autism at