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ID cards helping police interact with drivers with autism

June 12, 2015

Drivers in Alabama who have been diagnosed with autism can now carry around a special identification card to communicate with police and others, says an article in the local NBC news affiliate. 

"We wanted to help law enforcement and any first responders to realize that maybe this person is a little agitated because he falls within the autism spectrum disorder and to reflect and help this individual through the process,' said Jamey Durham, Director, Bureau of Professional and Support Services for the Alabama Department of Public Health.

"The police, if I ever got in contact with any law enforcement it would help understand me better and treat me better,” said Karen Willis, a 23-year-old young woman on the spectrum.

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Autism Speaks gave a grant to Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, Mass. for their DriveAdvise project. Find additional driving resources on our Adults with Autism resource page here. Learn more about Autism Speaks safety resources here. You can also find safety products such as ID cards here.