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IAN Article Focuses on the Medical Transition of Youth with Autism

June 23, 2014

(June 23, 2014) - An article from the Interactive Autism Network, the nation's largest online autism research project, provides information and resources that focus on the transition of youth with autism from pediatric doctors to providers who treat adults. 

A 2013 Pediatrics study found that only 14 percent of youth with ASD talked with their pediatricians about switching to a doctor who treats adults. Also, less than half of the youth talked with their pediatricians about adult health care needs or taking "appropriate responsibility" for their care. 

"Doctors caring for adults need better training in what autism is and better tools in how to treat and provide health care for adults with autism to overcome some of the core impairments, specifically communication impairments and sensory processing impairments, that can really interfere with providing adequate care to patients with autism," said Lisa Croen Ph.D., director of the autism research program at Kaiser Permanente Northern California.