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Hurricane Sandy AutismCares Testimonial

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, hundreds of families who have a child with autism were affected. Natural disasters can be especially devastating to a person with autism, and many lost food, medicine and therapeutic equipment. AutismCares was able to send more than $100,000 in emergency funds to 280 families across the East Coast to help purchase essentials lost in the hurricane. Now that things have settled, we’ve heard back from some families that we helped. Here’s the Grimaldi family’s update:

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit & our basement , yard & surrounding property were destroyed. We lost many of our personal possessions . but, mostly our 13 year old son Anthony who has autism , lost almost everything. His world was turned upside down. Our basement was set up for him with his computer, dvds , books, & video games, just to name a few. Unfortunately, we did not have flood insurance, but, thanks to the help from Fema & Autism Speaks we are slowly getting back on our feet, rebuilding & replacing Anthony's possessions.

Thank you for your generosity. Ralph, Julie & Anthony Grimaldi