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How a Wawa employee made this teen with autism's day

November 17, 2015

A Wawa employee is being celebrated after he showed kindness to a 16-year-old boy with autism.

"My son Kyle, 16, has autism, and to him Wawa is a daily social experience! It is indeed our go-to spot up and down the coast. We love them all!" Isabella Marks Mosca wrote in a public post to Facebook.

Patrick Higbee was working at the Wawa in Ventnor, NJ, when Mosca and her son walked in for hoagies. According to WTXF, Kyle always says hi to every employee, giggles, and his flapping and jumping are "never an issue." 

"Today, Kyle, his twin sister and I met Patrick at check out. Kyle read his nametag and greeted him loudly and proudly. Then he said, 'Hey, Patrick, I like your hat. Can I have your hat?'" Mosca wrote.

He smiled, and Mosca told Kyle that the hat belonged to Patrick. 

After getting their hoagies, Patrick met them at the door with a surprise. "He reached out to Kyle, smiled and handed him a Wawa visor. Both of them smiled so wide!! Kyle's twin sister Isabelle thanked him and said, you really made our day!!!" Mosca wrote.

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