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How To Make Museums More Inviting For Kids With Autism

June 19, 2013

Public outings like trips to the museum can be very difficult for families of individuals with autism. Possible tantrums or challenging behaviors might cause chaos and parents and family members often feel very uncomfortable in an environment where they feel judged.  

Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia recently hosted a free hour of museum time specifically for kids with special needs through their Play without Boundaries initiative. During the hour, among other accommodations, the lights were dimmed, volume was lowered and a quiet space was designated. Families in the autism community were able to feel comfortable and welcome and enjoy their museum experience like never before. 

study released Monday by the American Alliance of Museums found that more and more centers for learning and preservation now have health awareness on display. The Please Touch Museum is one of over 30 museums in the U.S. that has responded to the special needs of visitors with autism.

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