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Holly Robinson Peete to release new autism-focused book this spring

January 05, 2016

Holly Robinson Peete, who previously wrote "My Brother Charlie" about her son with autism, is releasing a second book this spring called "Same but Different."

Inspired by her twin son and daughter, RJ and Ryan Elizabeth, who are now 18 years old, the new book will include RJ's voice. The book will be written in diary form and is inspired by their experiences.

“When kids speak to other kids, there is so much less baggage than when adults speak. Kids are just really able to connect with one another. They listen. And they are in high school now. The book reflects that,” Holly told The Kansas City Star.

“One passage is about a girl wanting to go to the school dance with her brother. Ryan wonders, does she know he’s autistic? Does she really like him? It deals with high school angst, social media and special needs. There are things all families with teenagers go through. But when you’re dealing with autism and puberty hits, it becomes another movie.”

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