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High School Student With Autism Scores Final Basket In Championship Game

March 10, 2014

A section championship game between Trinity Classical Academy vs. Desert Chapel High School at Godinez High in Santa Ana, California showed the ultimate moment of sportsmanship. Beau Howell, a high school student with autism who plays for Trinity got subbed into the game with less than a minute left to play and his team up more than 20 points. During their first possession Beau missed two straight shot attempts. The next time Trinity got the ball, Beau attempted another shot that he missed. Then with less than 20 seconds left Beau shot it up and scored which led to thunderous applause from the fans.

This was Beau's first made basket of the season. Beau's mother who was at the game said, "To see how the team, who doesn't know our school, certainly doesn't know Beau, to see the way they responded was such an incredible blessing. They had the opportunity to be disappointed and focus on themselves. It was a hard game for them, but they immediately responded in a beautiful way."