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High School Senior with Autism Graduates with 4.0 GPA; Class Valedictorian

June 16, 2014

Montel Medley, a 17-year-old with autism recently graduated from Surrattsville High School in Clinton, Maryland, with a 4.0 GPA and as his classes valedictorian. Montel during his valedictorian speech discussed some of the challenges he dealt with growing up including being nonverbal till he was 3 years-old.

Montel said during his valedictorian speech, “Having a disability doesn’t mean you have a disadvantage. Sometimes it can be an advantage.” Roberta Medley, Montel’s mother said on his graduation, “I dedicated a great part of my life to see that he flourished. I worked with him a great deal to make him the person that he is now.”

Montel is now attending Towson University and is majoring in applied mathematics.