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HBO and Autism Speaks Screen "Autism: The Musical" in New York

March 19, 2008

In anticipation of the March 25 premiere of “Autism: The Musical” on HBO, the network hosted a screening of the film at their headquarters in New York City on Tuesday, March 18. “Autism: The Musical” follows five children with autism and their families as they embark on a journey to write, rehearse and perform a musical under the guidance of The Miracle Project Founder, Elaine Hall.

View highlights from the HBO/Autism Speaks screening of "Autism: The Musical"
YouTube video ~ 2:45

HBO Senior Producer of Documentary Films, Nancy Abraham, introduced Autism Speaks Executive Vice President of Programs and Services Peter Bell, who made opening remarks.

Bell discussed having a fifteen year old son on the spectrum and lauded the film's message of overcoming societal hurdles facing those with autism. “So many things we read about autism have said what our kids wouldn't be able to do,” said Bell. “They wouldn't be able to get married, graduate from high school, have friends, and fifty percent of them wouldn't talk … The movie you're going to see tonight is about what our kids can do.”

Wyatt Isaacs, one of the children from “Autism: The Musical”, took the mike next. In true showman form, Wyatt opened with a touch of levity, joking about “disgusting” airplane food, before countering with “but what I realized is that things are not important. It's about love. And that's what I put into this movie.”

Producer Sasha Alpert and Director Tricia Regan closed the pre-screening session by thanking Miracle Project founder Elaine Hall, HBO, Autism Speaks, and all parents and families attending the screening.

“Autism: The Musical” premieres Tuesday, March 25th on HBO and will also be available on at that time for those without a subscription.

On March 19, "Autism: The Musical" was featured on the CBS Early Show. Click here to view the segment online.