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Hawaii School Adopts iPad Program for Students with Autism

May 07, 2014

(May 7, 2014) -- At Windward Oahu, an elementary school in Honolulu, Hawaii, experts and teachers are coming together to help their students with autism through the use of technology. 

Specifically in the special need classes for their Intensive Training Center teachers will have access to bluetooth communication which will give opportunities for experts from the district to interact in the classrooms and give advice on different student's behaviors. In addition, iPads on swivels will be brought into the classrooms which can constantly monitor interaction with these students. Once the school day is done the parents of the students in these classes will be allowed to bring the iPads home with them for their children to interact with. 

Dr. Aletha Sutton an education specialist at Windward Oahu said, "Our vision is to get every teacher in our traning center to take back skills to their classroom, so we can reach all the students in the spectrum -- in our district."

Dee Asuncion, a parent of a 2nd grader with autism in the class said, "In this program the students are given opportunities to interact with their peers, for a parent that's a big deal. To see your kid make friends -- that's really huge!"