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Hackathon Event Brings App Ideas to Help Those with Autism

July 22, 2013

This past weekend Autism Speaks and Twilio teamed up with some great minds to host a Hackathon event in Sanfrancisco California to bring up ideas for apps to help those on the autism spectrum. There were several great ideas thrown into the 24-hour event with Virtual Interactive Practice (VIP) consisting of John Fairchild, Lois Jean Brady, Doug Glodie and Gary Bryan comming in first place for their idea to use Kinnect to coach individuals with autism through social situations such as a job interview. 

The other applications from the weekend included a website to help individuals with autism find the right employers for jobs called Mindflower, a Google Glass program for social cues called MyMonitorGlasswear, and an app focused on voice recognition called Snuffy. Each application was focused on the transition period for those who are going to reach adulthood with autism.