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Gotta Go to Mo's!

Modell's Sporting Goods Launches Company-Wide Footprints Campaign
April 23, 2007

Modell's began its "Dollar Donation Days" on October 16, and will run the footprints campaign supporting NAAR and autism research through November 13, 2005, in all of its 127 store locations throughout the Northeast United States. The campaign is already showing signs of success, with some stores requesting more supplies within the first three days of the campaign.

"We are very excited that Modell's is raising funds for autism research," says Lisa Gallipoli, NAAR's Walk Director. "One of our Walk supporters, Tom Wenzler, made the connection and asked Modell's to run a Footprints campaign in his region. Modell's is doing more than that - they have all of their stores involved."

"I approached Modell's because I know that they are a community-oriented company," Tom Wenzler told us. "They support good causes, and NAAR is a great cause, and one that I strongly support personally. I am hopeful that this will be a recurring fundraising campaign with Modell's, so I encourage everyone with a Modell's store in their community to make a point of visiting and purchasing footprints during this campaign."

To visit the Modell's store nearest you, click here for the store listing by region. Please support NAAR and autism research by buying a footprint! Thank you for your part in making this campaign a success!

Footprints campaigns are an easy way to increase community awareness of autism and raise much-needed funds supporting autism research. If you or someone you know would like to launch a footprints campaign in your community, contact your local NAAR representative or click on this link for more information.