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Google's virtual tour of hospital helps patients with autism

April 07, 2016

Thanks to a partnership between The Birmingham Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, England, with Google and Autism West Midlands, patients with autism are now receiving a virtual tour of the hospital. The tour is meant to help each patient get an understanding of the hospital before they arrive so they can feel more comfortable in their surrounding. The virtual tour includes a “main virtual tour” and than highlights different areas of the hospital that someone may visit during their stay.

Autism is a lifelong condition and we know that children with autism really struggle when they come to visit us. They...

Posted by Birmingham Children's Hospital on Monday, April 4, 2016

You can check out the entire virtual tour via The Birmingham Children’s Hospital website here

Autism Speaks has given grants to help medical staff who interact with patients with autism and special needs including the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego