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Girl with Autism Forms Special Bond with a Cat

September 09, 2014

(September 9, 2014) -- Like many people on the autism spectrum, Iris Grace Halmshaw faces challenges both emotional and physical. Iris was diagnosed with autism in December 2011, and her parents began looking for ways that would help Iris become more expressive. This past February, her parents brought their daughter a cat.

Iris now has a friend for life in Thula the cat. Thula has helped Iris become more verbal, and the two of them do numerous activities together like eating breakfast and playing hide-and-seek. Thula also helps Iris during homeschooling sessions.

The BuzzFeed article, “How Thula The Cat Helps A Girl With Autism Live Life More Fully,” shares how important this cat has become in Iris’s life. Thula is far more than just a therapy cat to Iris. She has become a best friend.

You can read more about Iris and Thula's story on Buzzfeed here. Check out all of the great photos of them together at You can see a few of their photos below...