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Generation NXT and Autism Speaks Raise Funds for Sandy Victims

December 07, 2012

On Tuesday, December 4 , at SL nightclub in New York’s chic Meatpacking District, guests of Generation NXT and Autism Speaks came together to raise funds that will assist families affected with autism who have faced hardship due to Hurricane Sandy. At Autism Speaks to Sandy, partygoers enjoyed a fun filled night of dancing and cocktails, with sushi provided by Lure and meatballs provided by The Meatball Shoppe. While some guests enjoyed a dinner at Abe & Arthur’s restaurant located above SL, others mingled over cocktails and table service downstairs at the nightclub . Rising star DJ Fulano, an eight year old DJ who has been making his rounds at the hottest clubs in NYC, and DJ Chachi, a celebrity DJ who travels the world playing beats from his new mix CDs, kept the dance floor busy throughout the night . The Gorilla Cheese food truck handed out grilled cheeses to attendees as they left the clu b -- the perfect treat for the walk to the event after - party at nearby Avenue lounge .

Generation NXT chairman Louis Levy and founder Larry Levy, along with a dedicated committee and volunteers, joined forces with Autism Speaks to continue their mission to “create a higher awareness of social issues” for the upcoming generation of philanthropists. The partnership that resulted raised more than $60,000 that will go directly to families in need.

Autism Speaks and Generation NXT would like to extend special thanks to the Meatball Shop, Lure Fishbar, Seeker, Kobrand, SL/EMM Group, Champagne for Life, Key 2 Luxury, the Global Trust Charity, Gorilla Cheese, Axis, Guest of a Guest, DJ Chachi, DJ Fulano.

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