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Fox News Looks at Need for More Housing for Adults with Autism

July 30, 2013

A story on on Tuesday looks at the need for more housing options for adults with autism, citing the lack of physical spaces as well well as not enough quality supports, including proper supervision, security and opportunities for social engagement. The story connects readers to Autism Speaks National Housing and Residential Supports Survey.

The story quotes Lisa Goring,  vice president of family services at Autism Speaks, who said "Approximately 80 percent of adults with autism up to 30 years old live at home for one reason - there is not enough affordable housing available, both the physical space and the appropriate supports."

The story refers readers to Autism Speaks National Housing and Residential Supports Survey, which is gathering information from adults with autism and their families about their housing needs. Read the story from and learn more about the National Housing and Residential Supports Survey.