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Forbes Highlights College Programs for Students with Autism

August 01, 2014

(August 1, 2014) -- In a recent article by Forbes they discuss the rising need for college programs for adults with autism. A study by the Harvard Review of Psychiatry highlights that there is an increase of people with autism attending college today. Forbes gives examples of colleges that currently have students with autism including Rochester Instititue of Technology, Rutgers University, Nova Southeastern University, Boston College and the University of West Florida.

The article gives recommendations on what parents of individuals with autism should look for when looking at colleges for their loved ones to attend. Susan Kabot, Executive Director at Autism Institute of Nova Southeastern University says on finding the right program, "There has to be a really good match between the student and the whole university, not just the program. Look at the size of the campus, how easy it is to navigate, the number of students, class size and that the type of support offered is what mataches what you think your child will need in a new, unfamiliar environment."

For more information about postsecondary education, check out the Autism Speaks Postsecondary Educational Opportunities Guide here. In addition, Autism Speaks will open applications for the second round of the Brian and Patricia Kelly Postsecondary Scholarship Fund in August.