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Extreme Sports Camp Helps Kids and Adults Experience and Enjoy Life

December 12, 2013

Exteme Sports Camp, an Autism Speaks grant recipient in Carbondale, Col. was featured today on for their work with individuals with autism of all ages in the article Sports camp helps autistic kids, adults experience life.

Extreme Sports Camp was founded in 2004 by Autism Speaks board member and Family Services Committee member Sallie Bernard as a summer sports camp. The nonprofit organization has since expanded to include a winter ski/ snowboard camp, private ski/ snowboard lessons with specially-trained Aspen Ski Company professionals, skiing and snowboarding lessons in collaboration with Aspen's renowned Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club, a weekend program that offers recreational activities throughout the school year, and an adult work program

One program of Extreme Sports Camp, Helping Individuals Retain Employment (HIRE Adult Program), is a community organization whose mission is to provide a wide range of competitive employment and job-training opportunities to maximize strength, skills, and interests for persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions who are striving for independence, growth, and self-sufficiency. Improve Basic Life Skills! Adult Participants improve their social, vocational, daily living, and athletic skills with Extreme Sports Camp's trademark 1:1 support.

Most recently, Extreme Sports Camp purchased a house in Carbondale that will eventually be home to three adults with autism.

For the past 4 summers, Autism Speaks has provided funding through the Baker Summer Camp Program to Extreme Sports Camp to award camp and program scholarships to financially disadvantaged individuals with autism.

Extreme Sports Camp is also a part of Light It Up Blue Aspen, a collaboration of organizations dedicated to serving individuals on the autism spectrum. The mission of LIUB ASPEN is to raise both awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders and much-needed funds to assist families and children on the autism spectrum in our rural mountain communities.