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Emoji Artwork Delves into Autism, Empathy

December 26, 2013

Emoji icons have exploded onto the cutural landscape in the past years. They've gone from being a smiley face a text messages to commonly appearing in statuses and tweets on Facebook and Twitter. There is even a well-regarded Emoji Art Show in New York City. This year, a piece titled, "Emoji Autism Facial Recognition Therapy" looks at autism, empahty and emoji.

 The artwork examines the common misrepresentations people make when interpreting the emotions behind an emoji. The artist, Genevieve Belleveau, features rows of emoji with their corresponding descriptions underneath, according to the iPhone's Siri. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps and therapies have long used emoji-like pictographs to help individuals who have trouble communicating express their needs.

"There’s a lot of conversation about the autism spectrum and whether we’re all on it or not. Language is a very rigid means of expressing the infinite emotional capabilities of humans. It’s a human rights question: Do we need to create these barriers and differences, and what can we do to even the playing field?” Belleveau told

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