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Ed Asner Hosts 2nd Annual Poker Tournament Benefiting Autism Speaks

July 29, 2014

(July 29, 2014) -- Los Angeles came out in full force on Saturday night raising $40,000 at the second annual Ed Asner and Friends Poker Tournament. The tournament featured an evening of good food along with a friendly poker tournament to help support Autism Speaks. Of the highlights of the evening included celebrities making appearances such as Director/Actor John Favreau and Actor Johnny Dowers from The Bridge.

You can learn more about the poker tournament event here

[slideshow:2, order=top, width=580, height=440, img=| /sites/default/files/docs/ed_and_matt_1.jpg|||Ed and Matt Asner arrive at the poker tournament||, img=| /sites/default/files/docs/johnny_dowers_and_alex_plank_2.jpg|||Actors Jonny Dowers and Alex Plank from FX The Bridge ||, img=| /sites/default/files/docs/guest_arrive_3.jpg||| Guest arrive at the poker tables for the tournament||, img=| /sites/default/files/docs/philip_hain_and_wife_4.jpg||| Autism Speaks Staffer Phillip Hain with his wife at the poker tournament||, img=| /sites/default/files/docs/silent_auction_items_5.jpg||| Two of the silent auction items at the poker tournament||,]