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Driver Fired After Teen with Autism Videos Him Abusing Another Student

October 16, 2013


A teenage girl with autism used her cell phone to record video of a Palm Beach County, Fla. bus driver abusing and shouting profanities at another student with autism on the bus. The bus driver has been fired as a result of the video.

The video shot by 18-year-old Amanda Tourino shows a driver from the Metro Mobility bus company using a seat belt to tie up the hands of a 20-year-old man with autism while cursing at him and threatening to call the police. The driver claimed the man tried to open the bus door.

“She did a good job,” said Amanda’s mother Leigh Tourino, who advised her daughter to take  the video after she had complained about the bus driver’s behavior. “We want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anybody ever again ... It’s one of your biggest fears when you have a child with disabilities. What happens when you’re not there to protect them. You can’t be with them 24 hours a day.”

Metro Mobility said it is starting a new sensitivity training program for its drivers following the incident.

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