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Dog Belonging to Boy with Autism Missing

June 11, 2014

(June 11, 2014) -- Jessie Clemmons Jr., an 11-year-old with autism from Ferndale, Michigan, is currently without his best friend in his three-year-old dog Miles. The Clemmons family let Miles out of the house Sunday afternoon to go to the bathroom where he was left alone. Minutes later he had disappeared. 

The family currently believes that the dog was stolen from the household. Jessie's father Jessie Clemmons Sr. says, "He's my autistic son's best friend and my son can't talk and they communicate together. When you took him, you hurt everybody in the house and we just wish you bring him back."

The Clemmons family have been searching for Miles ever since, posting signs around their town with his picture. Erika Clemmons, Jessie's mom, said of Miles disappearance, "For Jessie, being non-verbal, it's hard to have any friends when he can't talk and Miles is his only friend."