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Does Your Child Hate Haircuts? This Barber Helped a Boy Love Them!

May 21, 2015

Her son used to hate haircuts... until he met Freddy the barber. When their family moved several states away, mom joked...

Posted by TODAY Parents on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Michael Flores, an 8-year-old boy with autism, never had the easiest time when it came to haircuts. Michael’s mom, Joan Flores, was starting to give up hope of finding the right barber for her son, until she was introduced to Bladez Barber Shop in Vernon, New Jersey. Suddenly, Michael began a friendship with Tineo, one of the barbers there, and the rest was history.

“(Tineo) talked to him and made him laugh,” Flores told Today Parents. “He has this way about him. He jokes. I can’t even pinpoint it. When Michael seems to be getting a little upset in the chair, (Tineo) jokes with him.”

Haircuts can sometimes be difficult for people with autism. The challenges can range from sensory issues to anxiety about what will happen during the haircutting process. Autism Speaks has partnered with Snip-its and Melmark New England to develop a haircutting training guide to provide information to families and hair professionals as to how to make the haircutting experience more positive for children with autism. You can read more about the guide here

Visit our Resource Guide here to find local hair salons in your area that specialize in providing haircuts to individuals with autism and other disabilities.