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Doctor Radio spotlights adult autism services, employment

July 10, 2015

Autism Speaks' Director of Adult Services, Dave Kearon, appeared on Doctor Radio alongside Patricia Wright, PhD, MPH - Vice President of Professional Services, Rethink on Sirius & XM Channel 81 to discuss employment, services and resources for adults on the autism spectrum. 

Kearon introduced listeners to our toolkits:

·                  The Employment Tool Kit was written directly for job seekers with autism, and of course we asked people on the spectrum to contribute to this guide. The tool kit offers guidance throughout the entire process of a job search, networking, applying, interviewing and finally retaining a job. It also aims to help individuals with autism understand their rights as employees and how they can work while keeping any benefits they might receive. And it also helps them identify what support services and accommodations they might need and how they can obtain them.

·   Autism Speaks hosts local Town Halls on Adult Services nationwide. The goal of these meetings is to bring together young adults and adults with autism, families, adult service providers and state resources in a positive and collaborative atmosphere. These events include a moderated panel discussion, an audience Q&A session, a resource fair and opportunities for networking. The panels include people with autism who have secured housing and residential supports, advocates, experts and residential service providers, all of whom are educated and knowledgeable about autism services for the adult community in the local area.

And finally, we have developed  – a new jobs portal from Autism Speaks and Rangam Consultants Inc. designed to promote inclusive employment of the autism community by connecting employers, service providers and employees on the spectrum.

Listen Now:

With a Sirius or XM subscription, you can listen on Sirius or XM channel 81. If not, you can sign up for a free 30-day online pass for Sirius at the following website: and listen online. The show will also be posted on the On Demand service for subscribers approximately 48 hours after the live show. That can be reached by going to  

About Doctor Radio:

Doctor Radio is a groundbreaking 24/7 national radio channel featuring live, call-in shows hosted by leading NYU Langone Medical Center doctors from a vast array of fields including: child psychology and psychiatry; sexual health; plastic surgery; emergency room medicine; cancer; heart health; women's health; dermatology; pediatrics; men's health; diet and nutrition; sports medicine; psychiatry; and more.

SIRIUSXM and NYU have built a state-of-the-art broadcasting studio in the lobby of the Manhattan-based NYU Langone Medical Center, bringing listeners right into the middle of the medical world. Doctors are minutes from the O.R., the E.R., and seeing patients, and can often be seen performing their radio shows in scrubs.