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Developers dive in to create a wealth of autism apps

May 02, 2013

For individuals with autism some new technologies are inhancing their lives through improving communication and enhancing the ability to learn.  For these reasons, parents, therapists, and developers have come together at hackathons to create prototypes of apps to help reach people with autism.

Andy Shih, Senior Vice President for Scientific Affairs at Autism Speaks, has helped organize a "hacking autism" event in San Francisco with cosponsor AT&T Inc. that drew 135 developers. 

"For me, it's extremely gratifying to walk into a room and you have a couple of hundred developers there to support families," Shih said. 

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Ido Kedar, of Ido in Autismlandis a 16-year-old who is unable to speak learned to express his emotions through writing. His recently released book was written on his iPad. You can continue to Ido's story here.

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