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Dedicated Runners Show Strength at Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

August 31, 2014

(August 31, 2014) - On two early mornings over the weekend of August 30-31, a dedicated group of Team Up! runners took to the streets of Anaheim, Calif., to show their endurance in the annual Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

This is the first year Autism Speaks fielded a team in this event. Thirty-three participants chose to run a 10k or Half Marathon race, while 9 brave souls showed their commitment by running the two events on consecutive days as part of  the Dumbo Double Dare. Speakers at the pre-race dinner included two parents and a special education advocate who told their personal stories of why they run for Autism Speaks, and how they have benefited from a variety of resources and support tools that helped them when they felt alone and vulnerable.

With fundraising still taking place, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend has already raised over $42,000. To learn more about running a race to benefit Autism Speaks, visit /teamup

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