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David Royko Publishes "The Chronicles of Ben-- Adventures in Autism"

October 25, 2013

Psychologist and author David Royko, the son of legendary late Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko, has publlished an e-book entitled The Chronicles of Ben-- Adventures in Autism.  The book compiles Royko's writings about his son Ben, who is severely affected with autism. The new book compiles previously published stories from The Chicago Tribune, NPR's This American Life and other sources, along with new material. 

The book begins when Ben is eight years old, and details the family's struggles with Ben's severe autism, providing an intimate look at the difficulties the family has experienced along with moments of joy.

In a recent update that Royko provided to Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn, Royko writes, "Ben's less than two years away from aging out of the school district funding that is allowing him to receive remarkable services at the Monarch Boarding Academy in Cleveland where we see him every couple of weekends; the rest of us are living with my in-laws since losing our house post-bankruptcy 7 months ago due directly to the costs of autism, and we have no idea what the future holds (including geographically) when Ben turns 22 though we are actively working on this."

The Chronicles of Ben-- Adventures in Autism is available for purchase from You can also learn more about Royko and the book in Michael Miner's story in The Chicago Reader.