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Danish Adult With Autism Shines in Workplace

November 13, 2014

Christian Andersen, an 27-year-old from Copenhagen is a role model for young adults on the spectrum. Christian has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he is currently working in the IT department at a pharmaceutical company called “Lundbeck.” Lundebeck is a Danish international pharmaceutical company. Christian’s role is extremely vital  for the company. Christian uses his remarkable eye for detail to make sure all the entries are correct in their database by doctors. 

Growing up, he had difficulties dealing with the common characteristics associated with autism. Christian told DW, “I got teased and bullied so much and I still have times where stuff like this comes up to the surface,” Christian says.

Nowadays, a main issue is employment for people on the spectrum. Christian is a prime example that those on the spectrum have so much to offer, and have the potential to achieve anything they desire. Tilman Höffken works for Auticon, a consulting company that trains people with autism. Mr. Höffken told DW, “We’ve had clients who said that the whole atmosphere in their department had changed once they took on people on the autism spectrum. People suddenly communicated more efficiently and stopped beating around the bush.”

You can read the entire story about Christian in the workplace from DW here.

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